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    Díky možnosti pohybu na pracovišti
    zaujměte nové a udržte si stávající špičkové zaměstnance.
    Udržte si stávající špičkové zaměstnance a zaujměte nové – nabídněte jim na pracovišti pohyb.
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    Podpořte zdraví a pracovní morálku toho nejcennějšího,
    co vaše společnost má - jejích zaměstnanců
    Zmírněte negativní dopady sedavé práce a umožněte zaměstnancům pohyb na pracovišti.
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    Zlepšete zdraví svých zaměstnanců,
    jejich pracovní produktivitu, morálku i loajalitu
    Pozvedněte výkon své firmy a zároveň podpořte zdraví toho nejcennějšího, co vaše organizace má - jejich zaměstnanců.

Active Work Environments

Quiet and tasteful, active workstations are easily integrated into your workplace with zero disruption and limitless value.  Company culture, employee morale, and workplace productivity greatly benefit from an active work environment.


Private Offices


Common Areas


Shared Workstations


Training Rooms

Customizable configurations fit any environment and employee population.

Whether for personal offices or implemented company wide, active workstations are designed to benefit individual productivity and health. Let LifeDesk customize a solution to fit the unique requirements of your organization today.

Business Benefits

Much more than just a wellness initiative, active work environments promote productivity by reducing lethargy and boredom-inspired distractions. Numerous benefits ensure that active work environments are as much an investment in business performance as they are in workforce health.

  • Healthier workforce
  • Better employee morale
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Major recruiting advantage
  • Less sick days
  • Less long term absenteeism
  • And many more...

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See the Treadmill Desk in action

We invite you to see and try our treadmill desk yourself at the showroom location nearest you. Product demonstrations are offered by appointment only. Please call us to schedule your appointment.

+420 702 680 373

Get a 5% discount on any LifeSpan TR5000 product or MOSO height adjustable desk when you visit our showroom. 

Sale offers may not be combined. Offer valid 30 days from date of showroom visit.

Sitting Kills

Studies have found that those who sit for longer than 6 hours per day were 37% more likely to die from any given cause than those who sat for less than 3 hours.

- Journal of the American College of Cardiology

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