About Us

What we do

LifeDesk helps businesses strengthen employee health, productivity, morale & retention through the implementation of active work environments.

Our mission at LifeDesk is simple, to help businesses boost performance by cultivating the wellbeing of their most valuable asset - their people.

LifeDesk consults health conscious businesses on the implemention of active work environments. Our Active workstation products include treadmill desks, bike desks, standing desks and a wide assortment of ergonomic workstation accessories. In addition to products, we offer professional services aimed at helping you to gain the most from your workplace wellness investment:

People work better when they feel strong, healthy and full of energy.  LifeDesk is committed to being your healthy workplace partner.

Who benefits?

Health-conscious entrepreneurs, freelancers and virtual workers who work from their home office.

Smart businesses who understand the importance workplace wellness programs play in both improved employee performance and gaining talent recruitment advantage

Hospitality businesses such as event managers and accommodation providers that wish to add unique amenities to their events and premises by making workstation fitness facilities available to their guests.

Doctors and physicians interested in incorporating desktop treadmills into patient therapy and rehabilitation programs.