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EVO 3 Dual Monitor Arm

Save space and enhance desktop flexibility with the stylish dual EVO® two monitor setup. Provides easy monitor motion in a clean aesthetic to complement any office environment.

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Subtotal8 256 Kč
DPH1 734 Kč
Price9 990 Kč

EVO has been awarded the prestigious 2017 Red Dot Award for Product Design by a jury of international assessors in Essen.

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The Dual EVO® monitor arm utilizes our award-winning EVO® monitor arm in a dual monitor desk mount application. The monitor arms provide intuitive function and dual monitor rotation for easy, ergonomic viewing of both screens.

The dual monitor setup can be clamped to the desk edge or bolted through the desk.

  • Extremely flexible positioning of dual flat panel monitors.
  • Stylish desk mount design complements any office environment.
  • Ease-of-use encourages users to work with their dual monitors ergonomically.
  • Cable management reduces workplace clutter.
  • Rotate dual monitors for portrait or landscape viewing.
  • Tension adjustment at each joint.
  • 180-degree rotation stop prevents monitor arm from swinging into screens or walls.
  • Durable, quick-install VESA adapter reduces installation time.
  • VESA-monitor compatible – 75mm & 100mm VESA adapters included.


  • 248 - Flat White
  • 124 - Silver
  • 104 - Vista Black

Max Vertical Range

10.4" (26.4 cm)

Max Horizontal Range

32.4" (82.3 cm)

Monitor Rotation

Portrait or landscape viewing

Cable Management

Cables are clipped beneath the monitor arm

Mounting Options

Desk Edge, Grommet and Thru-Desk

Monitor Weight

1 - 15 lbs (0.5 - 6.8 kg) per monitor


Porovnání produktů

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Specifications Free 7000 EVO-3 Humanscale M2 Humanscale M8
Adjustment mechanism Gas Spring Mechanical Spring Mechanical / Extension Spring NA
Material Aluminum die casting Steel and aluminum Steel and aluminum Steel and aluminum
Horizontal range / Reach 24” (61 cm) 19,6” (49,8 cm) 20” (51 cm) 22” (56 cm)
Vertical range / height adjust 16” (40,6 cm), i.e 8” (20,32 cm) up/down from horizontal 10,4” (26,4 cm) 10” (25,4 cm) height adjustment. 11,5” (29 cm)
Mounting options FlexMount with 6 options including Desk clamp, Grommet, Thru-desk, and Wall mount included. Desk clamp & Grommet mount included Thru-desk as option Desk clamp, Bolt-Through, Slatwall & Wall Mount options to choose from. Desk clamp, Bolt-Through, Slatwall & Wall Mount options to choose from.
Tilt 200° 140° up, 45° down from center NA NA
Rotation 360° - portrait to landscape 360° - portrait to landscape Portrait to landscape Portrait to landscape
Cable management Yes Yes Yes Yes
Weight range 600N: 2,3 kg - 7,7 kg
1000N: 5,5 kg - 14 kg
0,5 - 5,4 kg 3,6 - 9 kg 3,2 kg - 18,1 kg
VESA 75 mm & 100 mm included 75 mm & 100 mm included 75 mm & 100 mm included 75 mm & 100 mm included
Available colours Black, Silver & White Black, Silver & White Black, Silver & White Black, Silver & White
For 2 monitor use Yes, side-by-side with wing bracket & with dual mount assembly Yes, with dual mount assembly No Yes, side-by-side with crossbar
Price 5 590 Kč 5 490 Kč od 4 490 Kč od 7 000 Kč
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