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Freedom Desk Sit-Stand Workstation

Freedom Desk™ is an ultra easy sit-stand solution designed with an upper display surface and lower keyboard and mouse desk.

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Subtotal9 083 Kč
DPH1 907 Kč
Price10 990 Kč
Subtotal9 083 Kč
DPH1 907 Kč
Price10 990 Kč

Winston-E® awarded Grand Prize (1st Place) in Buildings Magazine’s 2016 Product Innovations Awards.

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Freedom Desk™ features a spring-assisted lift mechanism that lets you switch easily between sitting and standing in just a few seconds. It also holds up to 35 lbs, while staying steady and solid at any height. It ships fully assembled and ready-to-use – just put it right on top of your current desk, and you’re ready to work.

  • Available in three sizes: 30″, 36″ and 42″.
  • Dual-handle design puts effortless operation at your fingertips.
  • Spring-assisted lifting mechanism allows you to raise and lower easily in just a few seconds.
  • Self-adjusting lift strength adapts to the weight of the monitors for smooth and easy movement.
  • Extremely solid base ensures a sturdy and stable work surface at any height.
  • Ships fully assembled, no installation required.
  • Upper desk suface has a 10mm bolt-thru hole for mounting an optional monitor arm.
  • Warranty: 5 years.
rozměr platformy šířka 899, hloubka 637 mm
výškové nastavení 129 mm - 498 mm
Tloušťka stolové desky 1.27 cm
Max. zátěž 15.8 kg